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Welcome to my genealogy page..... I love genealogy and have been researching my side of the tree for more than ten years....my husbands side has been researched by many of his relatives,from previous generations... This is the place for me to share with family and others that may be interested in my research...just click on the surnames on my side of the tree, or my husbands side of the tree and see if we are related!! Or...... Enter your first and last name in the search boxes on the top right side of this page. You will be given a list of available records that match your query - select the appropriate record. If no matches are found, you will be shown an advanced search menu to assist you with your query. Follow the menus from there, and enjoy No living individual's data will be visible without a login. Feel free to browse the site. I only ask that you respect the privacy and propriety of the information available, and if you find errors, please help correct them by reporting that information back to me via our Family Group Worksheet or one of the many other communication methods provided on this site. For those of you interested in becoming part of the project, by acting as a contributing editor, please let me know by registering for a user account above that, once approved, will allow you to modify, and add data to your specific family branch. Thank You - Carol Lamb

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